Swan Group

Swan Group Companies & Services

Swan Group Companies & Services

Our mission and purpose is to give our customers supply options which fulfil their strategic purchasing goals and benefit from our local and overseas production capabilities. The group consists of several complementary firms to meet this criteria.

Swan Shephard Ltd

Swan Shephard Ltd

As part of our ongoing commitment for product and supply chain innovation we have established strategic partnerships with a number of low cost overseas casting and tooling manufacturers.

This strategy is designed to give our customers the benefit of global sourcing with low risk and using our established infrastructure at Banbury UK, whilst extending our own manufacturing capabilities.

We now have partners in:

All of our partners are ISO9002 compliant or in the final audit process.

Therefore we can offer a full range of low-cost engineering cast components in raw, semi, fully machined or assembled conditions. This service gives Swan Group customers the benefits of low risk, least-cost procurement and full supply-chain management capability, supported by British foundry engineers and administration infrastructure.

Swan Precision Castings & Engineering Ltd

Swan Precision Castings & Engineering Ltd

Our Swan Castings business supplies to British engineering firms a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings and fabrications.

Originally conceived as a one-stop supplier to those customers who value single sourcing of these key raw materials, the firm now has the capability to offer supply-chain management for a wide range of engineering components.

Swan Foundry Ltd

Swan Foundry Ltd

The foundry operates all electric melting furnaces for concise metallurgical control and exceptional environmental friendliness.

The manufacturing facilities are flexible and allow for a wide range of batch quantities and weight ranges up to a maximum of 1500 kg. Conventional greensand moulding and chemically bonded "rigid sand" techniques are used. We offer rapid response, product development and prototyping services.

Our operation is fully accredited to ISO 9002: 2008 Quality Standard.

The following International and British specifications and applications are given as guidelines.

BS EN 1561: 1997 GREY IRON (flake cast iron).
Employed in general engineering applications where moderate strength and no ductility is required.

BS EN 1563: 1997 DUCTILE IRON (spheroidal-graphite or nodular iron). Used where higher strength and ductility properties are required.

Used in applications where abrasion resistance is a key requirement.

BS3468: 1986 WEAR RESISTANT IRON (Ni-Resist).
Employed in applications where heat and/or corrosion resistance is necessary.

In addition we have the capability to produce iron castings to individual customer's specifications.

Additionally we have additional ancillary services including: